Strengthening our community

Situated in the tight-knit community of Darby, MT, where the population totals fewer than a thousand, this town thrives on the foundation of contributions and volunteerism as the cornerstone of essential services. 

After several seasons as a wildland firefighter, Lance became one of those contributors by joining the Darby Volunteer Fire Department. Since then, we’ve been humbled by their work for the surrounding residents.

Our community depends on their response to everything from structure and wildland fires to automotive accidents, to swift water rescues and lift assists.

Additionally, these volunteers organize essential fundraisers for our local food bank and school, while making time to assist the elderly with heavy lifting, fire mitigation, and wood splitting. Our community sees their impact daily and would not be as strong without them.

When we started Sovereign Warrior, we knew we wanted to find a way to give to the volunteers that so readily give to us by donating a percent of total profits, you also get to feel good about giving back.