Our Journey

When we set out to change the world, we started by pulling back from it. Sovereign Warrior was founded on the principles that leading with heart, health, and gratitude refocuses what really matters in life. 

That clarity led us to the majestic Bitterroot Valley in Montana where the land is bountiful and the bison roam..

Finding our place in this small community meant contributing our time: Lance, as a firefighter, and Yasmeen, as a creative cook and entrepreneur. 

Through sustainable practices, handcrafted integrity, and flavor-rich nutrition, we’ve created a bison jerky unlike any other. One taste of it, and the power of following your heart becomes deliciously clear.

Our bison are 100% grass-fed & finished, and we have a personal relationship with the ranches they come from.

When you purchase our jerky, you can rest assured you are supporting small family ranches that value regenerative farming and raising bison the way nature intended.